Each time I try and explain to a family member or a friend that I am actually into Branded Content Development, after the rounds of intense explaining and elucidating I more than often get confronted with the queasy question – “so you are basically into advertising and that too not for the actual newspapers or journals.” I wish I had just stuck with “Oh, I am an aspiring writer.”

In today’s market, there is hardly a much shadier field than that of developing branded content. It has been met with varying standards of editorial integrity, and in a market like India, it is still a booming concept and not one that has actually established itself. Branded content development is not a thing to be ashamed of. In fact look around yourself, and you would find that some of the best content that goes viral before you finish posting another status update on the social media, is the one produced by some of the mightiest brands.

It takes years for a brand to establish itself, and yet, almost always we would find a great quality content being the root cause of the popularity of the brand. A good content is one that inspires an emotion. It connects with the audiences and compels them to “stay glued” to the brand. A good content exponentially increases the reach, the visibility and often helps in shattering pre conceived notions and driving audiences to the brand.

But how do you differentiate a good content from an average on? What makes one snippet, one content piece stand completely apart from the one that nobody cares about? It’s a story! No necessarily the “once upon a time” fairytales, but every brand has a story to tell, an ability to connect with the users, because quintessentially, a brand is one that is built by human innovation and talent, and as a result is quintessentially a living, breathing human.

We are all in one way or the other great fans of good stories. All of the budding and growing brands must realize that they all have the potential to tell great stories.

So How Does a Brand find for itself a Great Story?

why-contentify - Branded Content Development - A Good Story is what sells a Brand
Identifying a good story for a brand takes a clot of vision and creativity, and a little element of being crazy and being proud of it. We are all crazy in our ways, and if you beg disagree, I suggest you go and watch Silver Linings Playbook this very instant, and then we’ll have a conversation about it.

However, it is quite crucial for a brand to recognize its very own story. To begin with, you do not want develop good quality branded content – a great story – simply for the sake of having one. Before you identify a story, you need to have a well placed strategy, your own distinctive voice and a strong voice that is uninhibited enough to share its point of view. And once you have got in place, you again want a content that is indigenous to the nature and the environment that the brand operates in and one that the brand belongs to.

A brand, especially in the present day fast paced market, needs to understand that it is a lot more than what it sells. While you think you are selling simple products, you might actually be championing a lifestyle, perhaps inculcating new and evolving values and thereby shifting mindsets. Have a look at the Google and its Reunion campaign, look how WeChat is hardly about chatting but all about celebrating friendship and carrying your friends around, wherever you go. Also, by cooking Maggie noodles, you are not killing the hunger pangs, but perhaps caring for your presently sick mother, fuelling a budding romance, giving a reshot to a friendship about to be lost at the shackles of time and so on.

Identify what your brand actually stands for. And it is not important that you even stick to the line of production and management. While promoting online marketing you might be endorsing self reliance and entrepreneurship, the chain of auto manufacturers may be inspiring fashionable and debonair living, financial institutions might actually be promoting social welfare and change. Identify your own story, or hire the likes of us to do that for you.

Great Story Neednot Necessarily Mean Great Budgetary Investments

The field of content marketing and producing branded content is such that it easily encompasses the challenges faced by the small scale and growing firms. You need not require a fancy website or shell out a hefty budget for marketing. It need not necessarily be expensive; it only needs to be good. All that you need to do is to offer the optimum mix of information, entertainment and an extra added something to your readers and you’d be good to go from that point.

Discover your story, do justice to your potential and existence, and furnish branded content that engages and entices audience. Branded content development begins with identifying your brand’s story, afterwards you need to have a well placed strategy to disseminate it in your own distinctive and strong voice that is uninhibited enough to share its point of view.

Branded story telling is becoming the most sought-after inbound marketing technique. Learning to build brand through storytelling can be a great asset for your business. [highlight color=”orange”] You must watch this space if you wish to learn more about storytelling and brand building. [/highlight] You can even subscribe to our 9-days free course on branded storytelling. Subscribe now to get our free 9 days Storytelling course in your email!