Need to shake things up a bit? If you feel that you have explored the best of what you can do with the content marketing campaign, here is what you can further discover about content marketing if you only play close attention to the sports that you watch and you might explore new hidden vistas to the strategy and execution pertaining to the content strategy.

Well, no need to fret about watching all the soccer matches and cricket series over and over again. For your convenience, I have short-listed some key takeaways from the entire sports marathon. Read ahead to discover the strategic points and implement the same to enhance your best practices:

Being First Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Being the Best

why-contentify - What Sports have to teach us About Content Marketing?If you are aware about the usual fate of the teams that go playing first, you would know the amount of pressure and insecurity that the team is subjected to while attempting to do the same. They are unaware of the conditions, there is less time for them to formulate a clean strategy, and to be aware of any and everything that might go wrong.

Similarly, if you find a new update, something too stimulating for you to not write on, rushing into it might just bring more bad than good for your brand. By being first, you do establish yourself as the thought leader in the market, but if the facts included are inefficient, incomplete and unverified, you risk more than the gains.

Underdogs Might Just Take you by Surprise

why-contentify - What Sports have to teach us About Content Marketing?

You have no idea when a player you hardly ever heard about might just shine out of the blue and hence change the face of the entire game.

The point is that yes, there are big-wigs like Mashable etc, but you need to be aware of more such players who are currently under the radar. Research more and use your knowledge and wisdom carefully to see which of the sites hold the potential to grow and expand in the future. It is these sites that you may want to consider guest posting on. Yes, Mashable and TechCocktails need to be the part of your PR and Brand Building campaign; you still need the backing up of the strong players, who might be enjoying a nap presently.

Winning and Losing is all Part of the Game

why-contentify - What Sports have to teach us About Content Marketing?

Winning and losing is all part of the game, but if we ponder a tad too much on the losing, it distorts our ability to get up and strike back with poise and winsome vengeance. Like sports, there are certain players in the content marketing arena which are able to exceptionally well in the arena. However, don’t let it dishearten you for all that we know, it might just be the beginner’s luck.

Study what is working in the favor of those companies, and be aware of their marketing plans and brand promotion plans. Also, when it comes to expecting from your own content marketing strategy, be aware of the 80 : 20 rule, which says, 80% percent of the traffic comes from only 20% of the content that is posted. So worry not if your content does not go viral, take it all in, strategize further and consistently come up with new and great quality articles.

Remember, even in sports, there is always the next season, the next year, perhaps and well, the next series.


Presently, we see sports turning into competition, especially with the involvement of all the big wigs – and perhaps we are doing that in each and every sphere of our life. But that is not how you nail the game. Look at the experts in the arena, the experts who are the top notch players of their game, and other than passion / integrity / earnestness / sincerity / dedication / real talent, they have one very fundamental characteristic in common – they all loved the game that they play.

Thus, if you dream of top notch and undisputable success in your arena, choose the arena that you love. Choose content marketing because you LOVE content marketing and that you know of no other way. Do not be afraid to let your voice be heard outside. Post something that you believe and see explore its cause and effect dynamics. Learn from what it has to teach you and go on improving your strategy and style as you go about it.

It may be a competition, but now that we are out here, let’s play!