2015 witnessed an unifying revolution in the field of content marketing. [highlight color=”green”][/highlight] In the present day market, where new web pages get added to the internet every passing second, it is a well driven and focused content strategy that will bring your brand on the forefront for users to take note of it. As a small business owner, if you are interested in employing an impressive content marketing strategy, and are looking for different ways in which you may profit fully from the same, we come bearing some good news for you.

Below, we have short-listed some broad categories of what I believe to be the top 5 content format available for planning and executing a well placed content strategy. Discover the same and also explore how you may better exploit the content marketing tools available to you, to best suit your small business needs.

How-To Articles

why-contentify, strategic-monday - Content Marketing Strategy to Rescue Small Businesses From Mediocrity

There has been a surge of how-to kind self help articles. I am sure most of you have heard this one before. It’s one of the safest content marketing techniques, because it just works. We all are spendthrifts in our own ways and think out of ways to fixing a problem on our own, instead of spending over professional help – considering that the problem is not that big.

What small businesses can do, in order to promote their business, is to design various how-to articles. Even if you are simply touching bases, such articles ensure a far greater presence over the digital circuit for your business and also ensure visibility anytime someone searches for a “how to…” content in your niche.

The present day digital circuits are filled with various blog posts, podcasts, videos and other content verticals answering to various “how to” and other self help questions regarding your niche of business operations.

Guest Blogging

why-contentify, strategic-monday - Content Marketing Strategy to Rescue Small Businesses From Mediocrity

Guest blogging is on an all time high these days. Businesses and online marketers are using guest blogging sites to reach out to niche specific markets and communities and boast up the business. However, the purpose behind guest blogging may entail all this, but cannot be restricted to only getting quality back links to your website. As a guest blog author, you need to speak with élan and include rather thought provoking insights and information in your write ups.

Being in touch with the community of bloggers operating in your niche is a must. Usually guest blogging is done free of cost, but there are certain bloggers with thriving and rather popular blogs who ask for certain payments in order to publish the blog. It is again a personal choice to opt for a particular kind of guest blogging.

Guest blogging puts your name in the author bio and gives another link to your business / brand website. It lets people know that you exist and also gives you enough scope to establish yourself as an expert in your field of operating. It may or may brings you customers and clients immediately, but definitely enables everyone in the online circuit to know that you exist and how!

Case Studies

why-contentify, strategic-monday - Content Marketing Strategy to Rescue Small Businesses From Mediocrity

We work so hard on providing the best customer experience to anyone who knocks upon our door, and some of the customers are particularly difficult and demanding. If you have spent every single waking moment of your life in the recent past, trying to formulate the best strategy for a client and maximize their ROI via your products and services, it is not time you reap the benefits of your earnest hard work and to attract more clients to your business. Wish to know how you can achieve just that? By writing case studies on your blog.

I was introduced to case studies as part of my tenure in a B-school at an undergraduate level. In the entire three years of education, nothing fascinated me more than the impact that the case studies had on me. Just in the other write up I explained how a good story is one that sells content and hence a brand and you have the material for a good story readied for you in terms of case studies.

So you have had a client, who you would count as your own personal success. Get to blogging about the same. Concentrate on the requirement set, the challenges and how you and your company optimized the resources available at hand to provide the best experience to the clients. And lastly, touching upon the impact that your strategy and its execution had on your client would add extensive credibility to your content. Hence, as a rule of thumb, the case studies are written in retrospect, once the process is over and has yielded successful results.

Include the details of the clients in the content, their comments and feedbacks and include data as well. Think of creative ways to represent that data – perhaps the before and the after still shots, the pie charts and graphs etc.

Other than being a good source for content, case studies also help you attract similar clients in the future, and to establish strong trust and reliability within the hearts of your prospected clients.


why-contentify, strategic-monday - Content Marketing Strategy to Rescue Small Businesses From Mediocrity

There has been a spade of testimonials on various websites, and it is not that difficult for the audiences to differentiate a genuine testimonial from a fake one. Yet, the fact remains whether it comes to search engine rankings, or to build trust within your audiences, there is nothing that speaks well in your favor than a well developed testimonial.

While designing and soliciting testimonials for your brand, you would require real and powerful clients, ones who have a standing in the social circuit and the market. Your clients are more likely to identify the name of a powerful figure, and more the recognition, more would be the trust that the clients would have on your integrity and earnest operations.

Besides, you just don’t want testimonials for your website, but those testimonials should also have real hard data in your favor. Include details, include the changes that your service operations had in the ROI of the clients and also include the call to actions in the statements.


why-contentify, strategic-monday - Content Marketing Strategy to Rescue Small Businesses From Mediocrity
Newsletters give you enough scope to innovate and keep your readers posted about the latest happenings in your sphere. There is no limits to creativity whatsoever, besides you can innovate, think out of the box, include various catchy and witty snippets and eventually get involved in a two way dialogue with your emailing list.

Make your eNewsletter short and crisp, and include the highlights, links to recent (good performing) articles and other important information relevant to the company and the profile of the subscribers. Besides, if there are any special schemes and offer running, do not forget to include the same in the monthly electronic Newsletter.

An Endnote

Content marketing has been one of the greatest tools to emerge in the present day world of digital media revolution, or to put in other ways, the Internet has helped marketeers find the hidden core of all the marketing efforts (content or message), and amplify it manifold. Use it fully and innovatively to drive lucrative business opportunities and prospects towards your small business.