With every passing year, and ever growing use of mobile phones, social media marketing is getting bigger and bigger and even bigger, and the more it is growing the more companies are trying to keep their customers engaged. It has necessitated the use of content marketing to boost engagement on social media. Top players are showing keenness on launching integrated campaigns in order to stay connected with their customers. Indian companies, to maintain a balance with its offline marketing abilities, share brand messages via popular social media platform such as the Facebook.  Amul is one among many Indian companies that have tried it, and one among the few that has succeeded in it. Let’s see how it went on to achieve it, but before that let’s ask:

What’s innovative about Amul’s approach?

Amul is the flagship brand of Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) that has reached out to millions of users through Facebook. It is notable that through the new digital media, Amul is only carrying forward the message it had been doing traditionally in the print media. So instead of reinventing the wheel, the milk product brand from Gujarat has used it to amplify its already successful content marketing strategy.

It does not take too much, for me, to assume that you are already aware that Amul uses its icon of the “utterly butterly” girl in polka dots dress for the last 30 years to give an Amul twist to the biggest news of the time. It has managed to bring the same girl to engage the customers on the social platform in digital media. The fun quotient of the page has attracted many customers towards its Facebook page, as they could easily relate to the brand with their favourite “bubbly girl” icon, which many of them grew up with.

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The effective meme campaign

This biggest food products marketing firm of India had also used platform to introduce its then innovative campaign of “eat milk with every meal” in order to promote the food habits of people and also to make an appeal to people to consume its dairy based products at the same time. It has initiated a novel way where people can have their memes along with their loved ones and friends sharing milk products, especially Amul’s during every meal. This is an interactive content strategy followed by Amul to reach out to its customers and add up its Facebook community.

content-marketing-case-studies, case-studies - Content Marketing Case Studies:  Amul on Facebook

One of the recent meme were created when many notable writers have started returning their awards to protest planned attack on freedom and growin intolerance.

content-marketing-case-studies, case-studies - Content Marketing Case Studies:  Amul on Facebook

How does Amul connect with its customers?

When you look at the Facebook page of Amul, you will find that the milk brand is carrying its message creation strategy from print medium forward, which is to base its social media content on the current trends that are catching users’ attentions in India. Amul has brought out a message with its brand in focus and social issues of the tiem. AMul was there when a Bharat Ratna was announced for the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, when he from the arena of cricket, whencourt orded demolition in illegally occupied campa cola compund, or about the result of Bihar election (see the cover image). It has also spoken about Dengue, though more needed to be said on that.

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Although few issues are a bit controversial in nature, Amul tries to play it down using a dash of humor in order to encourage the response from its followers.

The effect of Amul’s Facebook content marketing on people

Amul follows a habit of reminding people about a day that has an event of high significance. These events help people to remember the brand along with the event date as the visual update would help the audience to stay connected. The people respond to the comments made by Amul on Facebook updates to share their feelings and enjoy the day. For instance, the visual update on September 29, 2015 was on new digital India initiative, and Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This update was liked and shared by many by Amul followers.

content-marketing-case-studies, case-studies - Content Marketing Case Studies:  Amul on Facebook

The magic woven by Amul’s content

Amul concentrates only on the strata that impress people and grab their attention instantly. All its visual update are about the events that take place around them and hence people from all walks of life feel connected to its content. As the trending topics are depicted visually with a dash of comic touch to it, Amul satiates the cultural and psychological aspects of all. Apart from the visual appeal and the humorous wordings on it, Amul also make sure that even a person visiting their facebook for the first time is able to find something related to him as it gives a hint about what its visual update is all about with a simple and straightforward headline in simple font.

In short, Amul has done a perfect job of reaching out with its content on Facebook. To conclude my content marketing case study of  Amul, I’d like to add that there is nothing suprising in the fact that Amul has gained 1,232,456 engaged followers on Facebook.

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