As marketers and entrepreneurs, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to extend the popularity of our online portals and thereby reach out to an increasing number of followers and online audience. One tool that guarantees all of that and a lot more, and one that is often missed in the online marketing mix is guest blogging.

Guest blogging is a beautiful representation of the symbiotic relationships that prosper online. Where the bloggers enjoy a well researched and well written content sent free for her audience, the guest blog author gets an opportunity to talk to an already curated audience base as well as links back from a high ranking and popular sites. This helps in optimizing for search engine, and also help in generating ongoing flow of traffic. After having worked on over 250 guest blog write-ups as a ghost writer myself, I feel the urgent need to make more and more marketers and bloggers aware about the gold rush treasure troves that awaits them in the form of guest blogging.

To begin with, let me quickly summarize a few points that will show why any marketer or entrepreneur must consider guest blogging for the longevity of their websites:

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  • Guest blogs ascertain a highly effective and rather robust online presence.
  • It increases your chances of registering yourself as an authority figure in the industry that you operate in. Let all the experiential knowledge that you have assembled all these years facing the challenges and learning while operating in your niche work in your favor by starting guest blogging now.
  • Guest blogging significantly contributes towards increasing and supplementing your link building and SEO campaigns.
  • Lastly, it is an amazing tool available to increase your current existing audience base.


Although guest blogging provides a lot of leverage to both the parties involved, it should also be mentioned here that a poorly managed guest blogging initiative has the potential to damage your online image and hence do more harm than good. In order to gain the maximum from your initiatives as a guest blogger, it is important that you nail the concept with perfection and élan.

Here, I have mentioned a few very easy and industry tested steps that would allow you to get the maximum advantage from your efforts at guest blogging and will bring you the maximum advantage. Read ahead to unravel these secrets and subsequently build your brand’s cogency with guest blogging:

The Art and Skill of Guest Posting

Guest blogging is an art and a skill that can be mastered easily with a bit of smart work and guidance. Let me provide you with a little guidance in this arena, and once when you combine it with your own expert domain knowledge and skill, the tool will unravel its choicest rewards for your online business.

Carefully Choose Where to Guest Post

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While Guest Posting, you need to sure of your objective. You do not simply want to post something fancy, but you also want the audience and the community of that blog to follow you as well. Hence, choosing where to post is important beyond the measure of words.

Not every good blog would accept the guest posts, as they have their own time of content developers working tirelessly for the same. Some high ranking blogs that do accept the posts have strict criteria that you need to adhere to as a writer. Certain other blogs play frugal in giving you the back-links linking to your blog while others may just ask for a paid promotion of your content.

This is where the catch lies. You have to be able to sell your idea (and yourself) in such a fashion that the blogger find it simply irresistible. Whosoever said guest blogging is simply writing well and not selling must have been kidding himself and you around. You need just every bit of selling and marketing knowledge with guest posting, as you need for personal and product selling.

As you conduct your research well, you will come across high ranking bloggers that accept guest posts, with their strict terms and conditions. And if you are rather passionate about guest posting, you may chance upon certain blogs that may be underdogs in terms of their rankings, but possess a strong audience and followers – you need to target those blogs as well.

Study the Blog Well

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Once you have got your hands at a blog (let’s just take one at a time,) you need to follow the blog rather well. Do not be prompt and begin to approach, but first study what the blog is all about. Go through the community, see what comments and feedbacks the blog has received and see how you can add an element of your own into it.

As a rule of thumb, always prefer a blog with an engaging audience. Posting on a blog with a large community of silent spectators will not do you as good as a relatively smaller community that engages a lot.

Also, if the blog posts daily, your guest post is more than likely to go unnoticed in the clutter. On the contrary, prefer a blog that perhaps posts twice in a week or perhaps just weekly.

Be in Good Terms with the Blogger

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Top bloggers receive hundreds of mails and requests for guest posting daily, therefore how do you get to make your mail stand apart?

If you have done your research well, you probably have an idea, by now, about the personality and the preferences of the blogger. Work on a pitch and let your write up do the talking for you. Be straight to the point as that only goes to show that you respect their time and yours as well. Sell your credentials well, and establish yourself as an authority on the subject matter that you intend to write on.

However, never overdo the ‘talking about your credentials’ part. You don’t want to come across as being too full of yourself, but then, you knew that already, don’t you?

Write the Most Impeccable Post That You Are Capable Of

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Well, this is the part where your writing expertise does come into picture. When you are writing as a guest author, you need to give it your best – or perhaps that the best that you can manage in the now! Make the post original, meaningful, thought provoking and witty. Use your best quirks, humor and wit and talk sense. Use imaginative and meaningful images and mention link to surveys, data, studies, expert opinions or anything else that you can possible use to substantiate the point that you are making.

And that’s it. If you feel confident in your heart that you can do justice to all the steps mentioned above, there is nothing stopping you from nailing the guest posting arena. So get down to work now; happy guest posting!