Telling branded stories is nothing new for marketing a business, or for  building a strong brand for the business. Branded storytelling has been used as a penetrative strategy for as a long a time as has been their businesses looking for ways to put its products/brands in front of its customers. What has changed over the last few years, though, is the critical importance this approach has taken, and just how effective it has become as a means of communication in the over-communicated world of ours. With more and more people turning to social media today, the content you use in your marketing approach can make or break your brand equity quite easily. The reality of the previous sentence has brought us closer to the necessity of a good story to promote our brand. Here are five secrets sauces you must include in your branded content to cook a story that will help your business build a strong brand.

Have Personality

brand-story-telling - 5 Secrets Sauces of Branded Storytelling For Building Strong Brand

You want the personality of your brand to come forward and be something that people can easily identify with and remember. When you are creating a story for your brand, you must include the brand’s personality in the it to make it stick in your customers’ mind. A lack of it will not help you get the recall value that the brand will otherwise get. Consumers are only going to take an interest in your story if they find that it has some personality to it and gives them something to say and talk about. Try not to make your story humdrum and boring; consumers want personality so they can remember it.

Quality Characters

brand-story-telling - 5 Secrets Sauces of Branded Storytelling For Building Strong Brand

As is the case with any book that you pick up, you want to read about a character that you can relate to and root for. Just as readers crave a connection with the protagonist of a book, consumers want that same connection when it comes to brands. A character that they can easily identify and identify with can make it much easier for them to want to follow along with everything they do and make it more likely that they will stand by your brand.

Tell the truth

brand-story-telling - 5 Secrets Sauces of Branded Storytelling For Building Strong Brand

No one likes to get lied to at any level, and this is especially true with customers investing their hard-earned money in your brand. Even though you are technically making a story, the story itself needs to have strong roots in the values and meaning of your brand and company, and instead of making tall claims, a branded content should lucidly convey what the brand can actually do for the customers. Be consistent in the message that you send and portray in your brand stories so that consumers will stand by you consistently. There is nothing wrong with being creative in working with and promoting your brand, but avoid getting too confusing with your message so you can hold onto your customers.


brand-story-telling - 5 Secrets Sauces of Branded Storytelling For Building Strong Brand

Any good story has a strong structure to it. You naturally need to have some type of beginning, an arc in the middle and an ending to close the circle. Start off by establishing your characters, who they are, and what they stand for. You then want to open up to whatever the conflict is that is facing your character in the middle and present the problems that exist. The end can then be used for your resolution to the problem. Make the structure entertaining and easy to follow.

Keep Them Coming Back

brand-story-telling - 5 Secrets Sauces of Branded Storytelling For Building Strong Brand

Even though you want a resolution in your story, you also want consumers to keep coming back to you and your story, so you need to give them a reason to keep coming back. Using social media you drop hints, share teasers and trivia to keep people interested in the brand story.  Placing hints and teasers on places like Twitter or Facebook or short snippets of videos on YouTube can tease the audience with what is yet to come, keeping them interested in your branded storytelling initiative.

The idea is to build a strong brand and create brand awareness so that consumers will want to believe in your brand. Creating a story that they can identify with and enjoy is the key to making a brand that they will always remember and turn to. It is then that you will have created a strong brand that will always enjoy top-of-mind brand recall.

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